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Within this short article I choose to compare traditional long, slowly cardio with time interval training for weight loss. From a fat reduction standpoint, the even more calories you burn, the much healthier. Let’s see how good long, slowly cardio and interval training are at burning calories.

Long, slow-moving cardio burns more calories throughout training, however interval training burns more calories on the whole (throughout and after training), due to the fact that it makes you burn calories between training sessions since your body need to recover from the intense spell. It’s “hard” on your body. Winner: time interval training.

Long, slow-moving cardio will not assist you obtain muscle mass. On the other hand, interval training makes you obtain muscle mass, because to sprint or bike like crazy you need to push on the pedal really difficult. This constructs muscle (think about a sprinter). Because the even more muscle you have, the greater is your resting metabolic rate, interval training makes you burn even more calories all day, every day. Winner: interval training.

An additional benefit of interval training is that it usually takes much less time (about 30 minutes per session). Winner: interval training.

On the other hand, interval training is too difficult for novices. If you’re a beginner, adhere to slow jogging initially for 2 weeks, and afterwards experiment with increasing the rate for 5 minutes and walking for the next 5 minutes. Once that becomes simple, reduce the work period and increase its rate. Winner: long, sluggish cardio.

Generally, if you’re healthy, interval training is most effectively. But since it’s really hard on the body, no one (even elite runners) does it more than two times weekly. So, to lose fat rapidly, your best bet is a combination of interval training (1-2 times weekly) and long, sluggish cardio (2-3 times per week). Plus it brings variety to your training, which is good. Winner: both.

To sum up, if you wish to make the most of fat loss, I suggest you do interval training alone on the days you do it, which you do some weight lifting and then long, slow cardio on the other days you train.

This being stated, the specifics of interval training can get challenging. Ideally I can share with you the method I prefer later on. Sportsmens and clever trainers use interval training: you also should.

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